Hello, and welcome to Main Street Diecast Classics where we strive to keep "history alive in miniature".

We are a veteran and family owned business started because of our passion for classic automobiles, authentic diecast reproductions and genuine automotive replica memorabilia. My family and I want our story to become your story through the finest collection of classic diecast models and accessories.

As a boy growing up in Western New York, my Dad and all his peers proudly owned the great marques from the 50's and 60's. My favorite examples were my father's 1958 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser and a 1958 Buick Cabalerro station wagon owned by my best friend's Dad - oh, the chrome - beautiful examples of rolling artwork.

In my day, Chargers, Mustangs, Road Runners, GTO's were all the rage. Many are still here today -  some even being restyled to match those from that wonderful era. I have had the joy of driving and owning many of those classic "rides" and continue to pass down my experiences to my grandchildren (my sons all had to live it firsthand) through pictures, stories and yes, true to life diecast models. 

To that end, Main Street Diecast Classics was started. In today's world of technology where kids deal in abstracts of all kinds, we provide an insight into the history of automobiles through tangible authentic replicas of some of those classic automobiles. Come join in the comradery of collecting and sharing your story. This is truly an experience for collectors and hobbyists of all ages.

We will dedicate ourselves to providing you with outstanding quality diecast model vehicles and accessories along with excellent customer service. We look forward to your visit and may you too be able to experience the joy of collecting with your loved ones.

My name is John Lechanski and along with my entire family, I welcome you to Main Street Diecast Classics.

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