Ukraine M2A2 ODS Light Tank Digital Camouflage "NEO Dragon Armor" Series 1/72 Plastic Model by Dragon Models

Dragon Models

  • $73.39

  • Brand new 1/72 scale plastic model of a Ukrainian M2A2 ODS Light Tank Digital Camouflage "NEO Dragon Armor" Series plastic model by Dragon Models.
  • Limited edition.
  • Brand new box.
  • Detailed exterior.
  • True-to-scale detail.
  • Comes in plastic display showcase.
  • This model does not have any opening parts.
  • Rotating turret for dynamic display options.
  • Manufacturer's original unopened packaging.
  • Dimensions approximately L-3.75, W-2, H-2 inches.
  • Pad printed markings and placards that won't fade or peel like decals for long-lasting.
  • High-quality markings include a protective display case to keep the model in pristine condition.
  • It is a highly detailed and accurate model, perfect for collectors and enthusiasts of military history.
    The Ukrainian M2A2 ODS (Operation Desert Storm) in its distinctive digital camouflage pattern represents a modernized version of the iconic M2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Renowned for its versatility and firepower, the M2A2 ODS has played a crucial role in various conflicts, showcasing Ukraine's commitment to maintaining a technologically advanced and formidable military. The digital camouflage not only serves an aesthetic purpose but also enhances the vehicle's ability to operate effectively in diverse terrains.
    Having participated in conflicts that demand both urban and conventional warfare capabilities, the M2A2 ODS has proven its mettle in providing infantry support and securing strategic objectives. The digital camouflage, characterized by pixelated patterns, reflects advancements in modern warfare technology and underscores Ukraine's dedication to staying at the forefront of military innovation. The vehicle's adaptability and combat-proven performance make it a symbol of Ukraine's commitment to national defense.
    The 1:72 scale model captures the essence of the M2A2 ODS, showcasing its technological prowess and combat capabilities. Military history enthusiasts and collectors alike will appreciate the accuracy and craftsmanship of this replica.